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There are several ways to send a debt to us. You can submit a request for immediate legal action* or you can ask us to send a “Solicitors Letter Before Action” which will only cost £3.00 (+VAT) for undisputed debts owed by Limited Companies and Partnerships and £15.00 (+VAT) for undisputed debts owed by Sole Traders and Individuals.

(Subject to a minimum monthly charge of £5.00 plus VAT, where the letter service is used in any particular month.)

Simply download the appropriate form below and return it to us for immediate action.

Download New Action instruction form for Limited Companies and Partnerships:

Download New Action instruction form for Sole Traders and Individuals:

We are also able to accept bulk instructions electronically. Please contact us for further details - click here

*Either a 7 day or 30 day letter warning that proceedings will be issued in default of payment must be sent either by yourselves or Greenwood & Co. prior to issue of legal proceedings.