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Is there a limit to the number of debts I can send for collection?

In a nutshell - No! We have a state of the art computer system which is capable of handling thousands of cases at any one time.

Can I talk to a human being?

Yes, our experienced and highly skilled staff are here to help you. We have no “robot” workers and all telephone calls are answered by real people!

Do I have to commence proceedings straight away?

No; We recommend a “Solicitors Letter Before Action” is sent to the debtor. This can result in payment without further cost or action. Our initial letter to the debtor costs only £3.00 for undisputed debts !

My customer has gone missing - what can I do?

We have a network of tracing agents who have many years experience in finding absconding debtors.

We are a company based in England but our debtor is in Scotland - can you help us?

Yes; We have been very successful in collecting debts throughout the whole of the UK!

We have a debt which is over 4 years old - can it be collected?

Yes; Under normal circumstances we can collect a debt up to 6 years from the date it was incurred.

Are you regulated in any way?

Yes, our actions are strictly controlled by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.